Morelogin proxy

MoreLogin Proxy Integration

Here’s how to integrate your Bright Data proxies with MoreLogin.

MoreLogin is an antidetect browser for multi-account management. It helps you to securely manage multiple accounts to prevent detection or blockage. With MoreLogin’s virtual environment, you can create a customizable browser fingerprint that mimics a real device’s configuration, effectively masking your online presence.

MoreLogin has a wide variety of possible applications, including affiliate marketing, ecommerce, crypto & NFT’s,  multi-account social media marketing, traffic arbitrage, ticketing and more.

Benefits of Using Bright Data Proxies With MoreLogin

With 72 million+ IPs Bright Data boasts the largest proxy pool in the world made up of datacenter, residential, mobile and web unlocker proxies.

Our proxy network is the best in the world. Through our built-in proxy manager, we offer advanced features such as:

  • Live preview of the whole traffic
  • Logs and statistics
  • Rules for splitting the traffic for bandwidth and cost optimization
  • Rules that can automatically retry failed requests
  • Captcha solving and handling markup changes
  • Easy way of adjusting headers and SSL fingerprint
  • IP rotation and sessions management
  • API integration

Steps to integrate Bright Data proxies with MoreLogin

  1. Register for free at and download the MoreLogin app as per your operating system.
Register for free at

2. After installation, start the app and login into your account. 

After installation

3. Click on New profile.

Click on New profile.

4. Go to Advance setting and then Proxy settings.

Go to Advance setting and then Proxy settings.

5. Choose Luminati from the Proxy type dropdown menu.


6. Select either HTTP or HTTPS, depending on your proxy configuration


7. Enter as the url for Bright Data proxy. The port is 22225


8. Head over to your Bright Data Proxies & Scraping Infra and click on your proxy zone name.


9. Under the access parameter option, copy the “Username” and “Password“.


10. Paste it under Login & Password respectively. 


11. Click OK to save the proxy settings.


12. Click on Start button and begin browsing with Bright Data proxies. 


13. To confirm that your Bright Data proxy is working correctly, check the Event Log section in your Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure dashboard.

MoreLogin Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure

About Bright Data proxies:

Residential proxies: With over 72 million real IPs from 195 countries, Bright Data’s residential proxies enable you to access any website content regardless of location, while avoiding IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

ISP proxies: With over 700,000 ISP IPs, leverage real static IPs from any city in the world, assigned by ISPs and leased to Bright Data for your exclusive use, for as long as you require.

Datacenter proxies: With over 770,000 datacenter IPs, Bright Data’s datacenter proxy network is built of multiple IP types across the world, in a shared IP pool or for individual purchase.

Mobile proxies: With over 7 million mobile IPs, Bright Data’s advanced Mobile IP Network offers the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G/5G IPs network in the world.

Bright Data’s top proxy locations