5 minutes

with Karin Stern

Talent Acquisition Team Manager

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How long have you been at the company?

2 years

What did you study?

I received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Tel Aviv University, and an MBA specializing in Human Resource Management and organizational development.

What was your career path before coming to Bright Data?

My main focus has always been on Human Resources. The world of recruitment caught my attention at some point, and I fell in love with it. I worked at the HR department for Comverse Technology, Pelephone, and Manpower Professional.

Tell us about your time at Bright Data

I started as a team member of the Talent Acquisition team. My connection to the values and activities at Bright was very quick, and I was recently promoted to team manager. I still do hands-on recruitment as well – I wouldn’t give that up. We are now a team of 7, myself included. 

What do you look for in an employee?

I look for people who are professionals, who genuinely care for what they do, and who can see the organization as a whole. Recruitment processes can sometimes be long and frustrating, with ups and downs along the way, so I am also looking for those who are patient and resilient enough to handle this emotional roller coaster. It might come as a surprise – but we recruiters are very emotionally involved and affected by our candidates and by these processes. As I see it, once you stop being affected, you’re no longer in the right line of work.

It’s important to me to focus on the individual in front of me and approach the recruitment process humanely, respecting their (the candidate’s) time and value.

The way we treat potential employees during this process is vital, as they will eventually represent our company and its values to other applicants, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

What's your management style?

I like being involved and updated with all the details. Alongside that – I trust my team and give them the authority to lead what they’re in charge of, from their point of view. There’s no one right way to do things.

Tips to get ahead in your career?

Firstly – everyone should do something they care about; that is number one. Secondly, you should be dedicated to staying on top of the game in your area of expertise, with a high work ethic. Make sure to always independently evolve professionally and strive for constant improvement with yourself and your department. Be on track with what’s happening in the company and the industry.   

What has kept you at Bright Data for 2 years?

I believe in what Bright Data does, its products, its culture, and its leadership. I feel connected to the company’s values, and how it’s always evolving. I feel that I have constant room to grow and develop within my work. And of course – the people!  

Favorite part of your job

Favorite part of your job?

Well, I enjoy it when I and we as a team succeed with a great hire. But I have worked long enough in this field to learn to enjoy the entire process – finding the right people, meeting the candidates, learning new things from them and all the little quick wins along the way. Despite the setbacks that can often occur in a recruitment process, I  actually, enjoy every part of my job!