5 minutes

with Gal Shechter

Compliance Team Leader

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How long have you been at the company?

5 years

What did you study?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from The Academic College of Tel Aviv, Yafo.

What was your career path before coming to Bright Data?

I worked at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Tell us about your time at Bright Data

I started as a QA engineer at (what was then) Luminati for around 1 year, then was a supervisor for 1.5 years. After that, I went on to build Hola’s QA team for around 1.5 years. I eventually moved on to become a Compliance Officer, and after 3 months, was promoted to be the Compliance Team Leader which is what I still do today. I’ve been in this position for just over 2 years, and I manage 9 people.

What do you look for in a compliance manager?

Someone with excellent communication skills, a technical background, a team player, and service-oriented.

Advice for someone wanting to get into the compliance field?

Mainly I look for eagerness and someone with excellent communication skills and business sense. I also look for someone who is technical (they don’t need to be an engineer of course, but they do need to have a technical understanding).

Tips to get ahead in your career?

Always try to take on more and more responsibility – think big.

What's your management style?

I make sure I hire people who are responsible and accountable – I definitely don’t micromanage them.

Favorite part of your job?

Managing my team and giving great service – both internally and externally.

Favorite part of your job

What has kept you at Bright Data for 5 years?

The people I work with, but I think it’s mainly because of how interesting the work is. Every day is completely different from the day before. And there’s a lot of action 🙂

Future plans?

To keep growing, learning, developing, and moving up at the company.