TexAu Proxy Integration with Bright Data

Learn how to integrate Bright Data Proxies with TexAu

TexAu is a potent automation tool designed to streamline web operations for sales teams. It provides a comprehensive platform that allows you to connect multiple automations, formulate efficient workflows, extract data, and generate leads rapidly. TexAu’s focus is on eliminating manual processes that hamper business growth, giving you the freedom to concentrate on building valuable relationships.
The feature-rich TexAu offers over 180 handcrafted automations for more than ten platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. It supports seamless integration with all major CRM systems, cold outreach tools, and over 1000 other apps, simplifying data transfer and management. With its in-built CRM for data enrichment, you can extract valuable information like company domains, meta tags, and prospect emails. TexAu also boasts a drag-and-drop tool to create complex automation workflows and offers data enrichment integrations with platforms like Snov.io, Hunter.io, and Lemlist.

Unleash the Power of Bright Data Proxies with TexAu
Integrating Bright Data proxies with TexAu boosts your web automation by providing better data access, improved privacy, and control.

  • Access the world’s largest proxy pool with 72+ million IPs, including datacenter, residential, mobile, and ISP proxies.
  • Real-time visibility into traffic with live previews.
  • Harness the power of logs and statistics for comprehensive insights.
  • Optimize bandwidth and reduce costs with traffic splitting rules.
  • Ensure reliable data retrieval with automatic request retries.
  • Effortlessly overcome captchas and adapt to markup changes.
  • Customize headers and SSL fingerprints with ease.
  • Enjoy the benefits of IP rotation and session management for enhanced anonymity.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows through the user-friendly API.

Steps to integrate Bright Data proxies with TexAu

1) Create a Zone in Bright Data: Initiate the integration process with Proxifier by creating a zone as per your requirements. For instance, for this guide, we’re creating an ISP zone with a dedicated IP. Ensure to include your targeted domains or opt for the “All domains” setting for multiple site targeting.

setting up Bright Data proxies with TexAu

Example Zone Setting:

setting up zone setting

2) Procure Access Parameters: Navigate to Bright Data’s Proxies & Scraping Infrastructure, select the created zone, and obtain the access parameters. Keep this tab open as these credentials will be needed shortly.

proxy access parameters

3) Install TexAu: Download and install the TexAu application as per your operating system.

dwonload TexAu

4) Navigate to Proxies: After logging in, click the profile icon at the top right, then select ‘Account’ to access the proxy option.

Navigate to proxies

5) Add Proxies: Click on the proxy tab and then click on the ‘+ New Proxy’ button

how to add proxies

6) Assign Proxy Name: Provide an appropriate name to your proxy.

Assign proxy name

7) Input Proxy Server and Port: Specify the server as brd.superproxy.io and port as 22225 for Bright Data proxies.

Input proxy server and port

8) Copy Proxy Credentials: Go back to the Bright Data “Proxies & Scraping Infra”, select the proxy zone you’re using, click on the “Access parameter” option, and copy the provided Username and Password.

Copy proxy credentials

9) Paste Proxy Credentials in TexAu: Return to TexAu and paste the copied credentials into their respective fields.

Paste proxy credentials

10) Test & Add Proxy: Click ‘Test Proxy’. If the country, region, and city are correct, click ‘Add Proxy’. Congratulations, you’ve now successfully integrated Bright Data proxies with TexAu.

test and add proxy

11) Use Proxies with TexAu Spices: You can easily employ a proxy with any TexAu Spice. Simply activate the ‘Use Proxy’ switch and choose the desired proxy from your list.

12) Use Proxy with TexAu Recipes: On your Recipe page, you’ll find the same switch Use Proxy, simply enable it and select the proxy you want to use, click Save Recipe.

About Bright Data proxies:

Residential proxies: With over 72 million real IPs from 195 countries, Bright Data’s residential proxies enable you to access any website content regardless of location, while avoiding IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

ISP proxies: With over 700,000 ISP IPs, leverage real static IPs from any city in the world, assigned by ISPs and leased to Bright Data for your exclusive use, for as long as you require.

Datacenter proxies: With over 770,000 datacenter IPs, Bright Data’s datacenter proxy network is built of multiple IP types across the world, in a shared IP pool or for individual purchase.

Mobile proxies: With over 7 million mobile IPs, Bright Data’s advanced Mobile IP Network offers the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G/5G IPs network in the world.

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