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Business impact

  • Access and gather public product & pricing data
  • Provides a one-stop shop for eCommerce data
  • Create unique & tailored reports

About the company

Advantage Solutions is a leading business solutions provider offering data and technology-enabled omnichannel solutions for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. With offices throughout North America, the company serves multinational, regional, and local manufacturers across the world. Canopy, an Advantage Solutions brand, aggregates data to give its clients a better idea of what the retail and eCommerce landscapes look like for them, including customer reviews. Often retailers have their own portal, but Canopy aggregates the data across multiple retail portals so that they have a one-stop-shop where they can access all the information they need.

The challenge

Canopy tried to gather public online data for its customers and quickly ran into roadblocks. Most of the time, these blocks were caused by the fact that it had traffic coming from one IP address. So, Canopy started working with a proxy company, but very quickly it used up all of their IP addresses and once again, faced the same challenge – it couldn’t reach the required data for its customers.

The solution

Canopy chose Bright Data’s residential proxies and Datacenter IPs, as well as the Bright Data Web Unlocker in order to access the public online data it needs to aggregate its customers’ data across multiple retail portals.

The outcome

Using Bright Data’s Residential IPs, Data Center IPs, and the Bright Data Web Unlocker, Canopy is able to access and gather the public online data it needs. It can now provide its customers with a one-stop shop to access all of the information they need and give them a better understanding of their retail and e-commerce landscapes. Canopy can now continue finding all types of online data that it believes its customers would be interested in seeing – something that will set it apart from its competition. With Bright Data’s technology, Canopy has been able to create reports that are unique in the market and specially tailored to fit its customers’ needs.

“Bright Data is not just a proxy network. We work with a team of talented engineers from Bright Data; I don’t know how many emails we’ve exchanged, but it’s been a great partnership. “

“We plan to stick with Bright Data in the future to have access to all the IP addresses we need and, with that, continue to help our customers succeed with the support of the right data”

Tim Lam, National Technology Director at Canopy, Advantage Solutions

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